"Out of the Box" embellishments for your chateau or your chapeau! 


Over The Top By Laura just celebrated its 3 year anniversary! 

It has been another challenging and rewarding year balancing my creative business with my full-time career as a health care professional!  My customers continue to challenge me with their visions and custom orders. It is very satisfying to see their expression when they see what I have created for them.  While I am always creating my own visions, I actually prefer the challenge of custom orders.  

How I got started: 

Having attended the Kentucky Derby for past last 11 years, I started recycling my hats to save money.  I constantly push the boundaries on hats and fascinators (millinery) while maintaining high standards.  For years I have been stopped in the crowds and asked about my creations.  Photographers have taken pictures of me to put in the local newspaper and websites for the hat gallery.  Then, my friends started asking me to embellish their hats.  Then I made a new wreath for my front door and my friends convinced me that my talents were being wasted, and here I am!  I finally decided to channel this creativity and OVER THE TOP BY LAURA was born.

Whether it's "Over the Top" of your head, or "Over the Top" of your door, I would love to make something special for you!   I will be adding new things to the website frequently, so keep checking back for new creations.  One thing is for sure, all of my creations are one-of-a-kind.  I will never make a hat, fascinator, or wreath that is exactly the same!